Top 9 Places to visit in Hampi

By Purnima Chowdhury

05 January, 2020

Hampi is known for its ruined remains from the Vijayanagar Empire. Once one of the most flourishing empire, was built entirely on rock structures with excellent workmanship. Most tourist who visit the place are mesmerized by the excellent workmanship with which the empire was built and maintained.

So, The top places that you must visit when you are in Hampi:

1.Virupaksha Temple:

Hampi is famous for its stone structures. Located near the Tungabhadra river, this is the most visited temple in the town. This temple is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One interesting fact of the temple is, you can see the complete shadow of the main shrine from a tiny hole.

2. Underground Shiva Temple:

For some reason, this temple is below the some meters below the ground level. It is beautiful structure made with stone pillars. It also has a ‘KalyanaMantappa’ in it, but most of the chambers in the temple cannot be entered because of they are now under water.

3. Lotus Mahal:

Lotus Mahal, also called the Chitragani Mahal is famous for its remarkable design. It resembles the shape of a lotus and is exactly same from all the four directions. This is a part of the zenana enclosure, built for the royal women of the Vijayanagara dynasty. This is one of the finest architectural design and one of the few structures that had not been damaged even after multiple attacks.

4. Queen’s Bath:

It’s a beautiful place probably used as a bathing chamber for the King and his wives. This dome shaped chamber has a rectangular pool with an open roof from which the sky can be seen while enjoying a bath.

5. Mahanavami Dibba:

This is huge enclosure with a stone stage right in the middle which as per the locals was used for cultural programs at the time of Dushera. It also has many underground chambers which are mostly ruined. This enclosure also has a stepwell, and most interesting thing about this is you can actually see water supply system made out of boulders.

6. Hazara Rama Temple:

This small yet beautiful shrine is located right in the middle of the then Vijayanagara City. It is an important temple of the royal era. With some really intricate design and stone carvings, this is a architectural gem.

7. Vijaya Vittala temple:

This temple is famous for quite a few reasons. The first one being that this is printed on the fifty rupees currency note. The main mantappa has 56 pillars and each pillar when tapped gently, has musical notes emerging out of it. Each pillar has seven smaller pillars around it. At the entrance of the temple premises there is a stone chariot, and according to the locals, the wheels used to rotate earlier and it was fully functional.

8. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple:

This statue of Lakshmi Narasimha is the largest monolithic statue in Hampi. This is said to be one of the most important monuments found in Hampi.

9. Hemakuta Hill sunset Point:

If you are looking for a sunset point but also want to avoid the crowd in Matanga hill, then Hemakuta hill is the best place to go. Just end your day watching the sun set over the rocky horizon.


By road: You can take a bus from nearby places like Bangalore. It’s an overnight journey from Bangalore to Hospete. From hospete you can take a cab or auto rickshaw to Hampi.

By Train: Again Hospete is the nearest railway station

By Air: Bangalore will the nearest airport as Bangalore has most of the flight traffic.


All the places can be covered within a day. The easiest way to visit all these places are either by bike or by cab. You will get many places to rent a bike which will cost you around Rs. 300-350 per day and cabs or auto rickshaws will cost you Rs. 1000-1500 for a day.

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