Goa – My lockdown trip

By Purnima Chowdhury

1st October 2020

Goa to everyone is party, beach shacks and crowded beaches. But I am someone who likes none of these. Being a mountain lover, I never considered Goa as my travel destination at any point of my travel planning. But during the lockdown assuming not many people would be visiting Goa I decided to give it a try. And to my correct assumption Goa was 90% less crowded than normal.

If you ask anyone about Goa, they would only suggest you Baga beach, Chohara Fort and Miramar beach. But trust me, Goa is much more than this. So this is my take on the unexplored (or may be less explored) Goa.

I had visited Goa just for 2 days, (I know 2 days is not enough in Goa but thanks to my corporate job I could only manage to visit over the weekends)

So I reached Goa at the evening of the first day, and what I could only think of was visiting a beach near the stay and trying out all possible sea food dishes that my stomach could bear.

Dias Beach

On the second day to decided to catch up with some of my friends from Goa, and thanks to them that I could visit some not so mainstream places there. our first place was a hidden beach named Dias Beach. Not many people know about this beach so you can enjoy your time here away from the crowd. This is a beautiful mirrored beach with black sand, and the rippled shore makes it look even more beautiful.

Devil’s Finger

So now you can either enjoy your time here and enjoy the sunset here or you can head to our second place for a breathtaking view of the sunset. Devil’s Finger is near Aguada Fort, it has a short hiking trail where you can hike to the cliff to sit on the green grass and enjoy the view of the sun meeting the horizon or stay back on the rocks by the sea. Both of which is equally good.

Now that you have enjoyed both sea and the sunset you can head towards a nice evening by the beach shacks for some Goan cuisine.

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