Best Places to Visit in Hampi Island

Purnima Chowdhury

Also known as Hippie island or Virupapura Gadde, this quaint little village is located on the other side of Tungabhadra river. While most of the tourists prefer to stay on the south side of the river where the most of the ruins and structures are, you can take a boat ride and head to the offbeat and quiet side of the town.

Hippe Island – View from the ferry point

This is a tiny village with a lot of stone hills and empty lands. The best way to explore this town is to do nothing. Yes you read it right, do absolutely nothing to enjoy the best of this less explored village. Confused? I will tell you how.

Bike ride on the empty roads

The best way to explore this place is by a bike ride. There are hardly any motor vehicles in this area so you can freely ride to wherever you want. Absolutely no parking fee or entry fee anywhere so this place is also a paradise for budget travel.

Sunset from a random hill

There isn’t any particular spot for sunset in this town. This place is less populated so you can choose any hill you want and climb it to witness a sunset in the island. If you are travelling with your friends then sitting on a hilltop is the best way to enjoy your time here and if you are here for more than a day, you can enjoy the sunsets from different hilltops.

Meditate by the river

The best way to meditate is by the peaceful river. This becomes more interesting when you are the only person sitting by the river. It is so calm and serene that I bet you wouldn’t want to leave the riverside anytime soon. I had been to this place to escape from the city noise and work stress and this is one thing that made me feel so much at peace in a long time.

Hill Climbing

Hill climbing is one of the most famous fun activity here. You can either take a package to do this activity or you can go by yourself and select any hill that you want to climb on. I suggest you take an activity package if you are a beginner.

Local Cuisine

As I said earlier, this is a small village where hardly anything is commercialized, so there are no restaurants here. But this is why we are here right? You can enjoy the local food here on food stalls or there are really tiny food joints where there are no menu cards, but you can ask them what you want and tell them how to prepare and they will get it for you. Interesting, isn’t it?

Village Lifestyle

You can get to witness the village lifestyle here. If you do not know the local language here it might be a problem to communicate with the locals, but you can still manage. And if you are able to convince them, they will show you their traditional jewelry and costume and also their day to day life.

Things to know before you visit here

  • There are no bus stations in Hampi, so you can take a bus to Hospete and then take a cab or any other local transport directly to the island. Or you can take a transport to the river bank of Hampi and then take a boat ride to Hippie island. You can also reach Hampi by train and follow the same route.
  • There are no ATMs in this village, so it is advisable that you take enough cash with you. The nearest ATM is 7 Kms away in the nearest village.
  • You will hardly find mobile network here and Internet is just out of question.
  • You can rent a bike from the bike rental shops on the river bank. There are no other bike rental spots in the village. So, once you enter the island you can rent a bike and start exploring.
  • But there is only one Petrol station in the Village so you have to be careful of the fuel.

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