My 5 Days in Assam- A Complete Itinerary

By Purnima Chowdhury

This is continued from my previous blog on my detailed itinerary of my 5 days in Assam

Day 3

This day I visited a hidden waterfall in the Dima Hasao district which is around 80 Kms away from Lumding and so we had planned it as a day trip. This waterfall is maintained by the forest department of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council and is quite popular among the locals as a picnic spot. So a brief about Dima Hasao, this place is rich in flora and fauna and most part of the district is covered by forest lands which make it a perfect getaway from the urban life. Dima Hasao is an autonomous district council; in fact it is one of the three autonomous district councils in Assam. Autonomous district Councils have the power to hold their own court and manage their law, taxes, toll etc and are not dependent on the  state government.

We started from Lumding at around 7 AM. We had to start early in the morning we were not familiar with the route and we wanted to spend time at the highway as well clicking some pictures. We had a pitstop at Lanka (no, not Sri Lanka) for breakfast at small Dhaba style arrangement. And by 10 AM we had reached the destination and to my surprise the view of the waterfall and the forest in itself were breathtaking. There were not many people at the location so we had quite an amount of privacy to enjoy at the waterfall. I cannot do justice to describe the waterfall so I suggest you see the pictures yourself.

After a nice lunch and a lot of pictures at the waterfall we headed back to Lumding. On the way back we again stopped at a small shop to have some Pakoda Chai in Udali. You can many shops by the highway so you can stop anywhere and you don’t have to take a detour.  And before I miss, if you are in Assam don’t forget to try the Pran potato chips (these are the best).

Day 4

Today again would be a long day as we were heading towards Tezpur. Tezpur has a rich mythological heritage and a beautiful city by the river Brahmaputra. Though Tezpur has been stated as a city but it doesn’t really have the hustle bustle of a city. One can enjoy peace and beauty here while visiting the amazing spots of the city. As the locals say “ Tezpur hosakoi ei dhuniya”. I had taken a private Cab from Lumding to Tezpur but you can also take public transport to reach Tezpur. There are a number of buses which leave from Lumding to Nagaon early in the morning between 6 to 10 in the morning. From Nagaon you can take another bus to Tezpur. The main tourist attraction in Tezpur is the Agnigarh which has a mythological importance as it is related to Lord Krishna. Other must visit places are Chitralekha Udyan, Ganesh ghat, Padam pukhuri, Kanakalatha Memorial Park, Kalia Bhomora Setu, Da Parbatia, Rudra Pada.

Tezpur has also some nearby tourist attractions such as Kaziranga National park, Bomdila, Hajo.

Travel- Tezpur doesn’t have a good railway connectivity or airport so I suggest taking a taxi or bus service to the city. Bus ticket would cost you 300/- approximately for a one way ticket for a seater bus.

Food- Tezpur has many good restaurants where you will be able to find places to try both assamese and Bengali cuisine. It would Cost you around 200 for the day.

Stay- Tezpur has many good hotels. You can also find stay on AirBnb and Oyo. Stays are available starting at 800/-

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Day 5

With this I had come to an end to my trip to Assam. My last day was going to be in Sivasagar. I had started to sivasagar from Tezpur the night before and I reached Sivasagar early in the morning. From Tezpur you can take a bus journey and you will find sleeper buses that would cost you anywhere between 600/- to 1500/- per person.

After reaching Sivasagar I had a sumptuous breakfast at a local eatery. Assam is really famous for its Kettle pitha and Tea. After my breakfast I headed towards Rang Ghar where I took an Auto rickshaw. I booked the auto rickshaw for the day and it cost me 1800/- for the city tour. There are no cabs available here so you will have to catch an auto rickshaw or take bike on rent.  Sivasagar was the capital of Assam during the Ahom rule. To know about the Ahoms and their rich culture you will have to dig into the rich history of the Ahom Kingdom and how they became the most powerful rulers of Assam.

Sivasagar still holds that remains of the Ahom dynasty and the palaces built during the Ahom rule. Charaideo is the most famous tourist spot in Sivasagar, it was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom and now it is famous for its collection of the maidams, tumuli and burial mounds of Ahom Kings and the royal family. Other places to visit in Sivasagar are Shiv Dol, Kareng Ghar, Talatal Ghar, Rang ghar,Ahom Museum, Joysagar tank, Gaurisagar tank,Sivasagar lake.

Sivasagar has a few manmade lakes which were also built during the Ahom rule. The Ahom dynasty is said to have come to Assam from some parts of Mongolia and ruled Assam for almost 400 years.

Food- Sivasagar is famous for authentic Ahom cuisine which consists of mostly dishes made with pork. The best dishes to try are pork fry, khorika chicken and haanz (local rice beer).

Transport- The best way to travel within the city is to either take a hired auto rickshaw or rent a bike.

Reach Sivasagar- Sivasagar is well connected to the other cities by rail and roadways. The nearest airport is in Jorhat.

Assam has many more places to visit which are unique in its own way. You name it and Assam has it all. Whenever in Assam take some time out of your schedule to visit any tea garden and take a stroll through the garden or just incorporate the tea garden tour in your itinerary.

One thought on “My 5 Days in Assam- A Complete Itinerary

  1. Nice information. I was in Sivasagar Assam for 3 years. There is a huge colony and offices of our company ONGC. Till some years back the place was called Sibsagar. We used to visit our oil fields all around the town. We have offices in Nazira and Jorhat also.
    Assam as such is still free from the pollution and is very beautiful.
    While visiting my home in Mumbai or North India home we used to take flights from Jorhat and Dibrugarh respectively. Those who wish to go towards Delhi side by train they can catch the train at Simalgudi near Sivasagar.

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