How did I Travel In Sikkim For 7 days- Part 3

In my last blogs I had shared how I explored the North Sikkim and then I moved to west sikkim through Gangtok and reached the Namchi Dham. After Namchi Dham I headed towards the spot I was waiting for this whole trip. Yes, Rawangla it is.

Tathagata Tsal Buddha Park

So, after crossing these really beautiful landscapes we finally reached the Buddha Park. By the time we reached The Buddha Park it was lunch time already and so I stopped for a quick lunch just outside the buddha park. There’s a little eatery that serves traditional Sikkimese food which includes chicken and yak meat. After my lunch I entered the ‘Tathagata Tsal’ to offer my prayers to Lord Buddha. The Tathagata Tsal or The Buddha Park was built in 2015 to built awareness about Buddhism and also to promote tourism in this area. Once you enter the Buddha Park you will be able to get a bird’s eye view the whole park and when you start walking towards the Buddha statue you can see beautifully maintained lawn and park on both sides of the walkway.

Prayers at Khecheopari Lake

You can either sit in the park for sometime and meditate if you wish to. The Budham Sharanam Gachami mantra is played at every corner of the park through speakers installed at all the corners possible. Once you enter the Buddhist conclave you can see the delicate murals of Lord Buddha’s life starting from his birth to moksha. The murals are so beautifully pictured in a spiral museum setting that the bottom of the spiral shows the birth of Prince Siddartha and as you walk forward it takes you through every event of his life till his moksha as you reach the top of the spiral. You can also find a statue of Lord Buddha inside the conclave and a space for meditation where you can see monks studying or meditating. 

View from Chenrezig statue

After visiting The Buddha Park I went to Pelling where I was going to stay overnight. I had booked my stay at Hotel De Regency as this hotel had rooms with view of the Kanchenjunga. I reached during sunset to this place crossing beautiful forest line and I could also see the Kanchenjunga through the pine trees. After reaching the hotel I had dinner and just crashed in my bed as I was super tired and also had to wake up early the next morning. The next day was my last day of the Sikkim trip so I had planned on visiting all the places left to be visited in south sikkim. 

Khecheopari Lake

The next morning I woke up early to visit the west sikkim and around 7 in the morning I left to visit a holy lake in south sikkim. Khecheopari Lake is believed to be sacred by the locals and the locals also offer prayers at this lake every morning. After a half an hour’s drive I reached the Khecheopari lake. To reach the lake you have to enter the main gate and walk for around 800 metres. You can also find a monastery within the lake campus which my guide told was for lady monks especially. After a good walk through the woods, we reached the lake, here, you can buy some incense and food for the fishes. When I reached the lake I could see a family and two monks performing some ritual and offering their prayers. This is a huge lake with a spectacular view of hills surrounding it. You can spend some time here, offer your prayers and watch people offer their prayers. 

Chenrezig Statue

After spending quite some time here, I headed back to my hotel as I had to check out from the hotel to start my journey or rather start the end of my journey. I had my breakfast at the hotel and left for Gyalshing, my next destination. In Gyalshing, I visited the 137 ft tall statue of Chenrezig, the earthly manifestation of self born Buddha, which is also the fourth tallest statue in sikkim and the world’s tallest statue of Chenrezig. This site also has India’s first skywalk with a view of the Kanchenjunga. Since the time I have visited this place I have requesting everyone to go here atleast once in their lifetime. 

Pelling Skywalk

This site gives you a surreal experience with a picture perfect view of the Kanchenjunga, which is a plus point of this spot. To visit the statue you do not have pay any entry fee but for the skywalk they charge 100 INR per person and you have to remove your shoes before you enter the skywalk. After the skywalk, you can go visit the Chenrezig statue.

Pemayangtse Monastery

After this I went to the Pemayangtse Gompa. This is a small and the oldest monastery with a small museum on the top floor. But the time I went there it was closed for visitors due to some ongoing ceremony so I could’t enter, but this place is a must visit if you are interested in buddhism and try to include this in your itinerary. 

Rabdentse Ruins

After this I went on to have some lunch that I had packed from the hotel as you would not find any places to have your lunch in between these spots. So, I would suggest you also to carry your lunch with you, just in case you know. I left from Pemayangtse to visit the Rabdentse ruins. Rabdentse was the former capital of Sikkim during the princely rule. Rabdentse was actually the second capital of Sikkim when the Namgyal king shifted his capital from Yuksom. You can see spectacular views of Kanchenjunga from a vantage point here. The Ruins still has the broken walls of the palace and some pillars that can be made out as the prayer area and sitting on some of these walls you can see the views of the mountains surrounding this palace. To reach this palace you have to trek for a good 2 kms through the woods. 

View from Rabdentse Ruins

From Rabdentse I left for Siliguri where I would be staying the night and then leave for Bangalore the next day. 

The best time to visit Sikkim: Sikkim can be best visited at two times of the year. One is during the winter to witness the snow and snowfall between October to January. The second is during the spring i.e. from February to mid May when you can see the flowers blooming all around the mountains. 

How to reach:

By Air: Sikkim has two nearest airport where you can take flights to. One being the Bagdogra airport which is around 140 kms away from Gangtok and the second one being Pakyong Aiport which is just 40 kms away from Gangtok but being at a high altitude the flights might not be regular during extreme weather, so you choose your flight accordingly. 

By Train: The nearest train station to sikkim or Gangtok is the New Jalpaiguri train station which is 140 kms away from Sikkim. From NJP station you can hire a cab till Gangtok.

By Road: You can either take your own vehicle or you can hire a cab from Siliguri that will take you till Gangtok. There are no bus transport facility available in the area so you can only rely on the private and shared cabs. If you wish to travel from Siliguri to Gangtok you can book a share ride in the Whizzride app and they charge you around 900 INR per person for a SUV vehicle ride. 

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