Long Weekend Getaways-2021

By Purnima Chowdhury After having to be locked in our houses for quite a long time and then with all the travel restrictions in 2020, I know, you might be craving to go all out again and travel all the places that you have missed out. But to cover all the missed trips it willContinue reading “Long Weekend Getaways-2021”

Streets of Assam- Famous Street Food

By Purnima Chowdhury In the past decade, Assam has gone up to be a melting pot of cuisine and culture. With the influx of people from other states and countries, Assam has developed a unique menu of street food that you will rarely see in the other part of the country. Assam’s street food cultureContinue reading “Streets of Assam- Famous Street Food”

A day In Tezpur- Best Places to Visit

By Purnima Chowdhury Located on the banks of river Brahmaputra, Tezpur is famous for its tea plantations. The stretch of tea-gardens along with forests and national parks attract a large number of tourists in this area. Tezpur has a rich cultural heritage and is considered the cultural capital of Assam. The town has produced manyContinue reading “A day In Tezpur- Best Places to Visit”

Top Places to visit in Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna is a small town located in Mandya district of Karnataka, merely 15 Kms away from Mysore. From Wadiyar royalty to Colonial rule, Seat of major viceroyalty to the capital of Mysore, treaty to battle, Srirangapatna has seen it all. This quaint little town in Karnataka has a rich history of culture and heritage. SrirangapatnaContinue reading “Top Places to visit in Srirangapatna”

Best Places to Visit in Hampi Island

Purnima Chowdhury Also known as Hippie island or Virupapura Gadde, this quaint little village is located on the other side of Tungabhadra river. While most of the tourists prefer to stay on the south side of the river where the most of the ruins and structures are, you can take a boat ride and headContinue reading “Best Places to Visit in Hampi Island”

Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur

By Purnima Chowdhury Udaipur, the city of lakes is a picturesque city in the state of Rajasthan. This place in the Aravalli ranges differs from the normal idea of Rajasthan’s temperature. Unlike other cities in India, Udaipur has much cooler climate and more water bodies. City Palace The most popular tourist places in Udaipur isContinue reading “Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur”

Top 10 Places to visit in Coorg

By Purnima Chowdhury 03 October 2020 Coorg is rightly called the Scotland of India. The scenic view of the cloud laden mountains makes you feel calm and complete. This hill station in Karnataka is a must visit if you are looking for a getaway to nature. Coorg is a touristy place all year around butContinue reading “Top 10 Places to visit in Coorg”

Top 9 Places to visit in Hampi

By Purnima Chowdhury 05 January, 2020 Hampi is known for its ruined remains from the Vijayanagar Empire. Once one of the most flourishing empire, was built entirely on rock structures with excellent workmanship. Most tourist who visit the place are mesmerized by the excellent workmanship with which the empire was built and maintained. So, TheContinue reading “Top 9 Places to visit in Hampi”