How did I travel in Sikkim for 7 days- Part 2

North Sikkim is undoubtedly the most sought after places in Sikkim, but not to miss, the other parts of Sikkim are equally beautiful and a treat to human eye. Other than North Sikkim, the parts of Sikkim does not have much snowfall and hence the peaks are rich in flora. East Sikkim has the mainContinue reading “How did I travel in Sikkim for 7 days- Part 2”

Best Places to Visit In Gangtok

Separated by Bhutan,Sikkim is the only brother to the seven sisters in the north-east India. And Sikkim’s capital Gangtok is the first destination that you would want to visit in Sikkim. Incredibly beautiful, blessed with nature’s abundance, Gangtok is one mystique destination worth visiting that will make you fall in love with the place every single time.Continue reading “Best Places to Visit In Gangtok”